William Hill
Games Design

UI/UX | Games Design | 3D Design
Project Overview
Various games designed for William Hill.
My Contributions
Throughout my time at William Hill I have had the pleasure of working on multiple games from concept through to final execution. Working alongside creative leads, product/channel owners and developers to make sure we maintain a consistent journey throughout the projects.
Scratch of the Day
Scratch of the day was refreshed from a very old dated design to bring it more inline with WH new sleek modern styling. The new 3D design of the identity helped with the above, it was made in Blender and feature brand colours heavily with the blue and yellow. The idea of the game is to X-Sell to sports book customers who may not usually consider gaming and gaming customers who may not be into sports betting. The free to play element brings back thousands of users daily to unlock their prizes. New elements are being added frequently such as all star sections for collecting and variants of the game are being designed for the likes of the Euros and Winter.
Scratch of the Day Components and Flow
The flow of this was slightly different to past games. There wasn't only the usual free to play mechanic of load play win or not, there was a bonus element added in that you could win regardless of winning the main prize. After this another mechanic was added in to add in an All Star player to your collection. The UI was as always designed to be downloadable on a shareable link to developers so they could download assets easily while checking through the prototype to see placement and usage.
Scratch of the Day
In Situ
Above is an example of a social banner for the game along with screens from the game itself. The bottom row shows a mockup of the All Star Feature (click the images to enlarge)
Bonus Explorer
Another free to play game from WH the mechanic this time is very different to any we've used in the past. Users can play daily to unlock prizes by exploring a grid and matching icons. These icons are stored over the week and added up at the end to reveal if you have won prizes or not.
Bonus Explorer
Components and Wireframes
Not only did the game run over 7 days before it reset but the BG would change weekly to keep the game fresh so recurring users wouldn't get bored of the look and feel. The game was tricky as we had to think mobile first as this is where most of our users choose to play. Originally the client wanted the days of the week and leader board to fit on the screen at the same time as the main grid. The issue came when the client decided the grid needed to be 6x8, this would not be feasable while having the grid showing. We came up with the option to hide the leaderboard and make the game portrait. This may have seemed strange but it is easier to play and feedback showed users preferred playing with one hand rather than two, portrait gave them this option.
Summer Sizzler
One of the first games I created for William Hill. All assets were created bespoke as vectors in Adobe Illustrator. The idea was to create a summer holiday feeling game with a simple mechanic. In this case the mechanic was a simple slot machine.
Summer Sizzler
The assets all had to fit in with one another so they used a similar gradient colour pallet with a noise filter on top. Many of the assets were tied together using palm trees across them. The backgrounds similarly to Bonus Explorer were changeable to keep the creative fresh for the user. The type on the banners was also specifically made to fit in with the game design. Below you can see a full journey mocked up as an animation.