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Project Overview
The concept for the app was based heavily on research shown in the video below and much more. The world is become more and more digital every day yet we still bother with wasting resources to create things like business cards. The idea is to reduce waste while enhancing the use of social media for real world connections.
My Contributions
Usage research, marketing research, app and icon design, mapping and prototyping.
The identity
The idea was to create a campaign to boost the app and get companies/the public to buy into the idea of a digital business card being the future. A way to store cards from people you have met in your phone's wallet and a way to effortlessly share your own card with a tap using NFC. This could be used in day to day social interactions through meeting new friends and sharing your personal social media all in one place. Alternatively the app could be used in a professional fashion for corporate events, networking or in interviews to share all your relevant information in one go. From Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to your own website, portfolio or LinkedIn choose what you would like to share and with who and Expand will do the rest.
Research Video
To show the idea behind Expand research had to be conducted into why it was necessary and how it would be used. If the end game is to get users to stop wasting paper on business cards a then an upgrade was needed. Not only would Expand help save the planet, it would ensure the future of networking.
The app was designed to be user friendly and modern. Users needed to maintain a consistent journey so they could ensure the best usage out of the app. If it can be made to be easy to use and do what the users needs/wants it to then the product will ensure it's own longevity.
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