3D Asset Creation

3D Design
Project Overview
A suite of 3D assets created for various projects. From modelling to materials all pieces were created bespoke by myself for use within live projects.
My Contributions
3D Design within Blender. Bespoke modelling, material design and compositing.
The Brandworld design was beginning to become dated and overused so needed a refresh. I took old assets and brought them into a more modern and sleek design to suit the new brand style as well as created brand new assets from scratch. The idea was to match the new brand styling and give some new excitement to the design across all forms of media. The materials and most assets were created by myself in blender.
Darts Shirts
These shirts were created bespoke in blender using procedural materials all created from scratch by myself. Each shirt was based on one of the top 20 competitors. Inspirations came from the name of the competitor and other elements such as their own shirt or things they were known for.
Vegas Millions
Originally created by another studio the design was becoming dated and we didn't have access to the 3D model or materials. I created the brand new logo from scratch using modifiers and nodes within blender to replicate and update the old design. This meant we were now able to use the asset across multiple mediums including animation.
William Hill Sports Lounge
A whole new sub-brand created to encompass a whole suite of live rooms meant to emulate that of an American Sports Bar. Taking this idea in mind the theme was relatively easy to achieve, with neon signage and large bold lettering. The idea was to create something along the lines of realism to fit in with the live rooms.
Various Snapchat Filters
Filters and Lenses created for Snapchat. Previously all lenses were created by an external source, I learnt the software and brought it in house to save the company updwards of £70k per year. Each lens has come back outperforming the old out of house team up to 50% more. Bespoke 3D models all created in Blender and exported to Lens Studio and Substance Painter to create the materials. These models are then mapped either onto a user or to some sort of object to be interactive in the real world. Multiple instances and flows were used to add in custom animations and modifications to give the user as much interaction as possible. The whole plan was to make each lens more shareable and give the user more play time to draw in new and existing customers.