William Hill Internal Brand Illustrations

Illustration | Asset Creation/Management
Project Overview
The internal brand team needed a suite of illustrations to be created that could then be interchanged with each other to create bespoke banners, animations and tutorials. Once created the assets could be used from an internal library across all desired platforms. Characters were even rigged to be animated for tutorial videos.
My Contributions
Illustrating characters in new brand style. Designing a bespoke illustrated asset library for use on internal banners and courses. New course design to create better user journey when completing training. Rig custom characters for use in training courses and other animations.
Creating the characters
The characters were designed around the new brand guidelines and "Brotherhood Campaign" for William Hill. They were to be used for internal communications (Banners and emailers) and online training courses therefore had to be multi functional across a range of mediums and sizes.
Further design
As these characters would be used for a range of different designs they needed to work like any character would with a range of emotions. Accessories could be added, clothes and emotions changed and stances could be modified. This made the characters come alive and give them longevity in their life and use.
The characters were based around real life characters the company used in their new brand campaign. Like anything being used across multiple breakpoints and sizes the characters had to be clear and readable. Some designs would be large scale and some thumbnail for buttons. We wanted to try and keep the emotion going as far down as possible, similarly to how you can read a person in real life.
Asset Creation
The assets were created to match the styling used within the character design. The colours used similar gradients, the stroke weight would remain consistent and any character use would be taken from the suite above. The assets were initial based off what would be needed for banners but could also be multi functional. These would be drawn in from the joint adobe library for internal illustrations so a designer could drag and drop the designs as and when they needed to.
Further to creating the original brotherhood characters it was necessary to create some new designs  to be used within the course creation. The new characters were made based on the originals but all their body parts had to be separated out. They also had many variants of mouths to be able to map them within adobe character animator. The mouths, eyebrows and arms were all rigged within the character animator, meaning that when the courses are created it's as easy as moving their arms like puppets to point and gesture and talking with a webcam faced towards you to map the mouth.
Banner design and usage
One of the initial plans was to make sure the suite was consistent, as the current internal designs were drawn from multiple sources and didn't have one style. There were 7 different variants for banners therefore multiple colour ways had to be implemented into the rules. The layout of text and assets also had to be made to be on brand and make sure they could stay consistent across all the different banners and icons.

Internal banner colours

Core Navy

Core Yellow

Internal Blue


Personal Development

Role Specific

Other Ad-Hoc Courses


Policies and Processes


Course Page design
The course layout was changed to feature a more visual design to follow rather than just wording as the A-B journey mechanic worked a lot better than courses in a list. Below is a test of the design to visualise before developers could build the new layout into the internal site.
Example Page: https://accelerate-ed1156.webflow.io/